Another crazy week!

I am keeping it short and sweet!  It's been wild around here, as far as cookies go!  Here are first of many cookies that have walked out my door so far!

An ETSY order for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Shelly ordered Super Hero's with a twist!  Love the colors of these!  Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

An ETSY order for Easter...don't you love this cute bunny that was drawn by "Cookies with Character"!  She has an ETSY shop where you can buy her images, print and put in your Kopy Kake...the rest is all you!

Another Easter order...thank you, Nubia!:

Here are a few of the Easter Gift Boxes that I offered:

Aren't they fun?!

 And for something NOT Easter...this is a design that I am offering for Teacher Appreciation.  I posted these on Instagram and had to stop taking orders after a couple of hours!  Too many cookies...not enough time!

There are 14 little miniature apples in the jar...my favorite part just might be the little tag that is attached:

Stinkin' cute, right?

That's it for today...back to my kitchen!

I hope every one has a wonderful Easter!



Mother's Day is just around the corner...

...how about giving her some cookie "love".

I am offering two different Mother's Day gift boxes.  The hardest part for you, is deciding which one to give!

Perfect for Grandma too!

I have a limited amount of containers for both designs, so don't wait to pre-order your's!

Till next time!



It's been a very colorful week!

These are what I call a real "bang for your buck" cookie...simple enough to execute, but when they are finished, just looking at them, makes you want to be a kid again!  Okay...I lied about the last part, but you have to admit, they are pretty fun!

The first set was for Jackie's daughter, Evan (who is one of Taylor's best friends, here in AZ)

This set is for Taylor (how weird is it that they both decided on the same theme without the other one knowing AND their birthday's are just one day apart?)

Anyhoo, here are Taylor's cookies:

Taylor's only request was that she wanted the paint to be extra "messy"...I'm not going to lie, the OCD in me struggled with that!!  I don't do "intentional" messy very well, but I think these will do! 

Those paintbrushes have to make it to Denver...through the mail, mind you...in one piece!!  What are the chances that is going to happen?!

Next few weeks are going to be busy, busy busy...stay tuned for some cookie cuteness!!t

Till then...


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