Good morning, Peeps!

I have a few cookies to share and a cute little ABC project!

Bridal Shower:

Some "just for fun" cookies:

Thomas the Train birthday cookies for twin boys!

A  hair stylist birthday gift box

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

I offered these Pre-order for Mother's Day 

And these as well:

This year's Teacher Appreciation pre-orders:

These were just for fun too!  I had never used this little cutter and decided it was time!

And one of my favorite "outside the box" orders...an acceptance to a "prom-posal"
(that involved Converse) to a Paris themed prom!  Got all that?!

Enough cookies for now?  Let's move on to this little jewel:

I mean yes, the dog is cute, but I am talking about the coffee table that I built for my daughter, Kelli!  It was an easy build, as builds go...and I love how it turned out!

Till next time!


What's new?

Since I was here last, things got a little hectic!  Melissa and her family came from Denver to spend their spring break in the warm sunshine!  Good ol' Arizona, did not disappoint!  The kids swam until they looked like prunes...it was nice to see our pool get used like it was meant to!

Not a lot of cookies were made in those 10 days, but here are some since I posted last!

Bridal Shower:

A farm themed 1st birthday:

Lots of Easter

You get the idea...

A Mickey 1st birthday:

Love these "outside the box" bridal shower cookies!  

And that pretty much brings you up to date...but it never seems to stop so be sure to come back by!

Till then!


More cookies

Keeping you updated...

These were donated for a Boxer Luv Rescue benefit....Bikers for Boxers

These have become quite popular with brides to be:

Around the World themed baby shower

Nothing better than a Cardinals themed birthday!

I typically do not take on orders of this size, but this client was very easy to work with...even willing to split up the order Into two days if needed.  Happy to say, I was able to get 16 trays all done and ready for pick up at the same time!

More to share next week!

Till then...


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