I'm not even going to...

...make excuses!  I have dropped the ball on my blog and the fact is...sometimes life just gets in the way!

Anyhoo, I am back today with lots of cookies to share...I have been baking away since we last chatted!

I've done dinosaurs and I have to say...I was very pleased at how these turned out.  Adding detail with an airbrush, makes all the difference in the world!

I did two dozen Inspirational cookies...this is about half:

These were the first fall cookies that I did for the season:

More fall...that were made into 5 different "thank you" boxes!

I don't know about you...but I don't think there is anything cuter (and tastier) that  a box full of decorated cookies!  Who wouldn't want to receive something like this?!

And I will be the first to tell you that these are among my favorite cookies of all time!  They were so much fun to do!  I was asked to do "Disney Cruise" theme cookies so I decided to create everything on a Mickey Mouse shape...I don't want to toot my own horn...but I think they turned out pretty dang cute!

What do you think?!

And last, but not least...I will share the cookies that I am going to be offering for Halloween this year.  Each set of cookies will come as shown in a clear cello bag.  All cookies are full size.  Once I have figured out pricing, I will let you know, so be sure to check back!

Till next time...happy baking!



I'm baaaaack...

...and how about that, it was less than a week, even!

Short and sweet cuz' I got cookies to do!  These are a few I have done recently!

Cute little ladybugs that were done a little differently, thanks to SSB's tutorial!

And all packaged up in these cute BRP basket boxes...love them!  Such a cute presentation, I think, anyway!

Four dozen of these spa cookies...kind of fun, huh?

One dozen chubby #2 pencils!

And because I had some cookie order down time...I made these little Emoji's!  I'm addicted to these little guys...the Emoji's not the cookies...although they are pretty stinkin' cute as a cookie, don't ya think?!  I did an Instagram giveaway for these!

That's it for cookies...but now I am going to make your life a little sweeter by introducing you to this little dish:

Photo via Pinterest

A couple of weeks ago I made this dessert from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  

When I read the words "best blueberry cobbler ever and only four ingredients", I was MORE than intrigued!  If I am being honest, I can't even really tell you how good it was myself...I'm dieting and I did not even taste it!  I made this for Kelli's girl's night...but from what I'm told, it was da bomb!  And so stinkin' easy!  Here is the direct link Brown Butter Blueberry Cobbler.  

To be honest, I had never heard of actually browning butter for a recipe, but after doing it, I do feel that it was important element to the recipe.  You could really smell the yummy buttery goodness...and that was before it was even baked!  Seriously...the easiest recipe on the planet...you're welcome!

Psssst...don't forget the ice cream!

Till next time!



I was a little surprised...

...at how far I had to go back to find my last cookies that I posted.  Bad blogger!

Anyhoo...here are just a few that I have done since I actually last shared cookies!

Some simple sailboats!

The "ABC" in this set was inspired by Pam of Cookie Crazie...cute idea, right?!  I did quite a few teacher gift boxes with this design!

For those of you that don't know...this is "Sparky", the ASU mascot.  When I purchased this cutter, I bought it for it's original purpose...a shark's head ( picture this cookie upside down and then you will see it!).  When Kelli saw the cutter, she thought it was for Sparky, so what's a cookier to do...make it happen!  Kudos the her for coming up with the idea...it will be a huge hit in these parts!

Speaking of Kelli...one of the girls in her "Bacholor Night" group, is having a baby.  They decided finale night should have a little baby shower theme.  Done!

And last but not least...who can forget Strawberry Shortcake?!  She was around when my kids were little...it's nice to see some things never go out of style!

That's it for today...but I've got lots more to share so come back!



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