You don't need to tell me...

...that I have been a horrible blogger lately!  It's true...but in my own defense, it has been a bit crazy around here!  I'm going to try to make this as short and sweet as possible!

It all started with the fact that our carpet was in bad shape!  The living room and dining room, tolerable...the family room...NOT.SO.MUCH!  So bad that I cannot even believe that I am showing you pictures of it!  But because I like to "keep it real"...I am going to throw myself under the bus and share just how badly we needed new flooring!

With furniture and area rug, not TOO bad, right?  Bad, but trust me when I say...remove that furniture and it looks a whole lot worse!

Ugghhh, can you tell where we LIVE?  As open as our floor plan is...we typically use one pathway into our family room when the furniture is in there.  And to add to that, because of that HUGE niche that you see in the background, there is really only one way to arrange our furniture!

Dining room and living room...not SO bad, right?

It was time to get rid of the carpet, but with 2 dogs, getting new carpet was not an option for me!  And once again the open floor plan comes into play...it was an all or nothing deal!  So we went ALL in!

Which takes us to this phase

Yep, gone...2100 sq. feet of shared living space...pantry, laundry room, kitchen, two bathrooms, living, dining and family rooms.  Everything but bedrooms (and their bathrooms) and the den (behind those double doors, which already had a newer tile).

Needless to say, demo was a MESS!  It looked like a war zone in here!  It took about 7 guys and one day to complete 95% of the demo.  There was dust everywhere!

We opted for travertine tile...this was what started happening on day two!

We were now down to a team of about 5, but these guys were fast!

Each day just got better and better!

After eight working days...they were DONE, but you'll have to stop back by to see the end result!



Cookies and such!

Since I last shared cookies, this is what has been in the makes!

I offered these 4th of July cookies as a special on Instagram:

As shown and all ready to go for any picnic or barbeque!


What better way to start a Disney vacation than with Disney cookies?!

Just for fun...and because I could not wait to use a few new cookie cutters that I purchased:

Instead of "Desserts in a Jar" for this week's girls night (Kelli's get-together, not mine) I decided to do something a little different.

Burger baskets...cookie and cupcake style:

These were so much fun to make!  Tucked inside that cute little hamburger bun (yellow cupcake) is a brownie for the "burger"!  I colored store bought icing for the "ketchup and mustard"...as well as the "lettuce" which was actually coconut!  The ketchup for the fries is just my usual cookie icing!  Overall...a simple creation that packs a lotta punch...don'tcha think?!

Now, I am off to work on 4th of July cookies before meeting a new cookie friend, Nancy, for lunch!

Till next time!



I'm not going to lie...

...since I have been posting on Instagram, I find it much harder to make myself post on my blog!  Sad...but true!  Call it laziness, I'm sure that is what it is...and I will be the first to "call myself out" for my breaking one of my goals at the first of the year, which was to actually post MORE on my blog.  Now, that didn't last long, did it?!

Anyhoo, here was my "last week" in review...

One of my favorite cookies to do:

Seriously...who doesn't love all things Dr. Seuss?!

Corie ordered mermaids, starfish and seahorses for Camdyn's 6th birthday:

How about some Super Heros:

I made these cookies for one of my BEST clients and new neighbor, Corie (yep, same one as above)!  She recently moved into my neighborhood (I even told her about the house when it was for sale!) so I decided that a little "welcome" basket was in order!  What better way to do that than cookies disguised as picnic food?!

And how cute are they in these FUN basket boxes by BRP?! 

On the cookie front...that's all I got for ya!

I have however, become obsessed with "Desserts in a Jar"!  Go ahead...Google it OR head over to Pinterest...there is a plethora of ideas!

Kelli's "girl's night" peeps benefit from my latest obsession...I have been making them for their get togethers on Monday night to watch The Bachelor (ugghhhh, why would you do that...but, whatever).

These were Peanut Butter Pie:

This peanut butter filling is A-MAZ-ING...seriously, "crack in a jar", BUT (and there always is one), I would recommend NOT melting the chocolate that is just above the Oreo crust.  See those cute little wooden spoons?  They were moot...even a regular spoon had a hard time going through the now, "hardened" melted chocolate.  Next time I would just drop a few chocolate chips in and be done with it!

Next, were these little jars of Heaven:

YUM!  Blueberry Cheesecake!  Now for this one, I can't really give an exact recipe...it was a collaboration!  I already had an awesome recipe for blueberry topping, so I just paired it up with a "No Bake" cheesecake recipe that I Googled (not sure how I ever lived without the Internet!).  Of course there is a simple graham cracker crust on the bottom (just follow the recipe on the box).  VOILA...instant deliciousness!

I already have my recipe for next week...can't wait to give it a try!

Till then...happy baking!



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