Hello all!

Back again to give you a little cookie update!

I was given Carte Blanche on this order for  baby boy shower

A Tinkerbell themed birthday for my great niece, Harper...of course the boys needed some non girly cookies!  Gotta say...love how those maps came out!

Some little desserts that I made for Kelli's girls night!  Yes, there is a sugar cookie on the bottom of all that fruit deliciousness!

Bird Gang cookies for a serious Cardinals fan!

Do you know how much I LOVE Dr. Seuss?  Making these for a first birthday was pure enjoyment!

Some fun summer cookies!

Baby Girl Shower

Fourth of July cookies (inspired by The Bearfoot Baker!)

My favorite four legged peep

Shark Week!

Say it with cookies!!

Another girls night dessert.  Is it a chocolate chip cookie...is it a cake?  It's both and I heard it was de-lish!

My Little Pony simplified!

Hello Kitty...always a classic!

And you are now up to date, once again!


It's been awhile...

Seriously...where does the time go?!  I can't believe it's been 5 weeks (again) since I last posted.  Time for a little "catch up"!

Baby boy's nautical themed birthday

Baby Girl baby shower 

Speedy recovery from knee surgery

More nautical...clearly a very popular theme right now!

Teacher Appreciation

Can't forget the dance teachers!


And more...

And just because I love watermelon cookies!

Father's Day gift baskets...or should I say  "burger baskets"?!

Off to boot camp...

More graduation...

A little summer fun for my bestie who is returning to her home away from home!

And last but not least...some fun banners that I have become obsessed with making!

Turns out...there Is life after cookies!  

Till next time!


Good morning, Peeps!

I have a few cookies to share and a cute little ABC project!

Bridal Shower:

Some "just for fun" cookies:

Thomas the Train birthday cookies for twin boys!

A  hair stylist birthday gift box

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

I offered these Pre-order for Mother's Day 

And these as well:

This year's Teacher Appreciation pre-orders:

These were just for fun too!  I had never used this little cutter and decided it was time!

And one of my favorite "outside the box" orders...an acceptance to a "prom-posal"
(that involved Converse) to a Paris themed prom!  Got all that?!

Enough cookies for now?  Let's move on to this little jewel:

I mean yes, the dog is cute, but I am talking about the coffee table that I built for my daughter, Kelli!  It was an easy build, as builds go...and I love how it turned out!

Till next time!


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