A few updates!

A quick post to update you on a few things.

First...my little weight "ticker" that you see here------->.  I never got around to changing it but I did in fact reach my goal weight and I am happy to report that I even had a few pounds to "spare".  I have yet to weigh myself since I have been home from our trip, however.  I mean, why spoil a good thing, right?  I am sure that I put a couple of pounds back on, but since all my new clothes still fit (okay, maybe a smidge tighter) I am confident it won't be too much of a shock once I hit the scale!

Second...I had an unbelievable response to the fabric that I used on my Cane Chair.  Trust me, had I known I would have gathered more information about the fabric when I bought it.  I purchased it from a small, local store called Mesa Sales.  I do not believe that they do mail order of any kind.  It was $17.99 a yard and it is 54 inches wide.  Apparently this is a very good price because I have had others tell me they have seen similar for $40 a yard.  Anyhoo, since I plan to make a trip back over there in the next couple days, I will see if I can gather any info on it, like manufacturer, etc.  I know when I bought mine, the roll was almost gone, but the lady was sure they would order more because it was a big seller.  Check back and I will report what I find out!

Third...a few pics from our vacation!  Click on photo for a better view.

View from room:

Ron participating in water sports:

Tee box on one of the golf holes...looking back at resort

Tee shot gone bad!

Ron participating in non-water sports!

Of course the swim-up bar was a huge hit!

And because this dress made me look skinnier than I actually am I LOVE my hubby more than I DESPISE having my picture taken...the two of us on the night of our 35th Wedding Anniversary.  (No need to enlarge this pic, lol!)

Tomorrow...some Mother's Day cookies that I still haven't shared.  Father's Day is just around the corner...I have lots of fun cookie cutters for Dad!

Till then...Happy Baking!

There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's screaming to get out...I can usually shut her up with cookies!


Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow beach, sand, water.......how nice!!
Great pictures!! Where were you?
Happy Anniversary!!

You look great!!

Just Jaime said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Congrats on reaching your goal weight, you look awesome. I'm amazed at how pretty that resort is!

gail said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

great pics! Looks like a fabulous time! 35 years is a long time (I know) :)
so glad that you're still so happy and in love after all those years!

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yay for reaching your goal - you are a stud woman in my book, sistah! I just keep gaining! LOL From the pics, it looks like you and Ron had a great time. I don't think I've ever seen you in a dress, but you look pretty freakin' amazing!! Good job, and happy belated anniversary.


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