So many cookies....

so little time!  Finishing up the last of the Valentine's Day cookies today, but thought I would share a few that I have done so far!

This bunch is just because I am a nice Mom!  When I do orders and I have a little extra dough left, I usually cut them out and bake and decorate as time allows.  It was too early to start some orders last weekend so I made these up.  I usually call one of my daughters and let them know, I have cookies...who wants them?  Kelli decided to take some into work to share with her co-workers.

She says she sends out an email and within seconds she has hoards of people around her desk.  Seriously, who doesn't enjoy a little cookie at work?

These I made for Taylor to take to her preschool classmates.  I cannot take credit for the cookie designs though...SweetSugarBelle gave me the idea for the Dinosaurs and  Cookie Crazie originated the cute little bees. 

As far as the packaging...that was all me.  I cut the toppers out with my Silhouette...I love how they look!

Soooo....whatcha' think?

I will have some Valentine's Day gift boxes to share with you tomorrow!

For those of you waiting to see the headboard...give me till Friday.  With any luck we will put our plan in motion tonight and it will actually work!

Till then...

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