A few cookies to share!

First and foremost...a big "thank you" to all that commented on my recent comments dilemma!  I have to say that blocking "anonymous" comments from being posted has significantly cleared up my blog postings as well as my "Spam" box!  Hopefully this is the end of that issue!

Now let's see some cookies!

Last week I had an order for Baby Shower cookies...but this was not your ordinary Baby Shower order.  I love it when people go outside the box.  I did do cute little pink dresses, but the other two requested designs were not what you would typically see someone request for this occasion.

Here are the cute little dresses:

How cute are they?  Believe it or not, those dresses were made using a double bell cookie cutter...who knew, right?!  Well, certainly not me...but I did find this tutorial at the perfect time because I do not have a little dress cutter and this work perfectly!  Thank you Samantha for sharing this...I love how they turned out!

They also wanted a cookie with a flower on it (btw, colors were pink, ivory and gold), so I chose to make Brush Embroidery cookies:

It is hard to tell from the photo, but I used gold Petal Dust and they have a beautiful shimmer to them.

And because I forgot to take a pic of the "Quilted" cookies, you only get to see them on the completed platter:

I have also been working on a few Easter cookies!  Another tutorial that I found by Marilyn showed how to make this cute centerpiece.  This girl can rock the video tutorials and she is amazingly talented...I highly recommend checking out her blog!

I had to build my own box because I could not find anything pre-made that was the right size.  Even this one could have been a little bigger.  I bought the cheapest wood possible, cut it, put it together and stained it.  Because I did not want the box to be strictly for Easter, but wanted something written on it, I went this direction:

I did not even bother using vinyl to make this stencil...just good ol' cardstock!

I purchased this grass from Hobby Lobby and cut it to fit my box:

This is my version:

Whatcha' think?  Can you see this as your table centerpiece?  It was a little early to make Easter cookies, but I wanted to show something on my blog so I went ahead and made them up.  I have since "dismantled" the centerpiece for now, and after carefully wrapping up the cookies...threw them in the freezer to be used in another week and a half!  Easy Peasy!

Thanks again to Marilyn and Samantha for sharing their amazing tutorials...ya gotta LOVE the internet!!

Stay tuned for some more super cute Easter cookies!  Till then...Happy Baking!



Debbie From Illinois said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the baby shower cookies. The flower cookies are amazing.

Your little wood box is very clever and a great way to display cookies.

Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

awwww LOVE the "double bell" cookies! who knew??? love the quilt ones tooo really sweet.

great centerpiece Terri... nice box. :)


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