Do you hear that?

Neither do I...it seems so quiet around here.  Too quiet, really.  We had a great visit with my sisters and brother-in-law...always good for a few laughs!  I would say the weather was pretty close to perfect...only one day that was a little overcast!  Of course, if you are going to visit Arizona...this is the time of year to do it.  Before we know it, the weather here will be sizzling!

I have lots to share, since we last chatted!  It won't be today, though...I still have to take some pictures.  Just as a teaser, I will tell you what to expect in the near future! 

I finished this little cutie:

I don't even think you will recognize her!

I made a little "3-D" art to hang above it!

And...remember my little clock dilemma, above my mantle...well, that too has been resolved!

I have also been working on a little "Pinterest" project...can't wait to show you that!  It is one of those cheap, easy peasy projects that packs a lot of punch...at least I think so!!

For now, I will share a few cookies that I made recently.

Kelli's Open House had a Flamingo theme, so of course I had to do some flamingo cookies:

Super Hero cookies for a special 5 year old (his dad is a fireman, and of course his most important "super hero")

And last, but not least...special cupcake cookies for Amaya's birthday!

As always...a big "Thank You" to all the great people that order my cookies!

Till next time...Happy Baking!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

love the cupcake cookies!

you are such a tease Terri--I want to see those projects now! lol

have a great day,


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