Remember those little...

bunny butts?!  Well, I don't typically freeze cookies...but you definitely can!  Since I wanted to make them ahead of time to share on my blog, I threw them in the freezer so that I could use on Easter, without making a whole new batch.  I made a simple white cake with chocolate frosting.  I ran some Oreo cookies through my little food processor and and put them on top to look like, what else, dirt!  Laid the cookies on top and VOILA!  Cute little bunnies digging in the dirt for carrots.

Please ignore the fine cookware it was baked in...no guests to impress, just the fam, so I am all about easy cleanup.  Actually, I was hoping my daughter would take it home, but she thought the cookies were enough sugar in the house.  Sadly, the cake went down the disposal...don't judge, it was a box mix...it was not like I spent hours doing it from scratch!

And because I can't get enough of their cuteness...a closeup!

Before I go, I want to encourage you to stop by a fellow "cookier's blog...Melissa, at Simply Sweets by Honeybee, to enter her giveaway.  She makes some crazy cute stuff and besides giving away some fun cookie tools, she is giving away actual cookies !  Who doesn't want to win that?

As a side note...can you believe Thomas and Taylor actually went swimming yesterday?!  Yes, the temperatures were in the low 80's, but we did not have the heater on in the pool...and trust me when I say, a 70 degree pool is NOT warm!  Oh, to be a kid again!

Got lots to reveal in the near future, hope you stop back by!

Till then...happy baking!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

how cute Terri! love the bunny behinds!
I might be flying over your house soon. :)

Debbie From Illinois said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is so adorable!

We are still freeeeeezing in Illinois. It was 20 degrees when I let the dog out last night. :-(


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