From trash to...

...well...BETTER trash!  But more about that in just a minute!

First I have to tell you a little about the great time we had with the kids.  We played mini golf, we did a little "thrifty" shopping, some not so "thrifty" shopping (great mall on the way to the airport...we were able to do some pretty serious school shopping in about an hour!).  Ron took the kids bowling, the girls got pedi's one afternoon and we also made a trip to the Denver Zoo.  It has been a long time since I have been to the zoo and Denver has a really nice one.  It was a perfect day, lots of animals were out.  Here was just a few:

And a few pics of my two-legged friends!

It was tough to leave these guys when it came time to say goodbye, but I had to keep telling myself that they are just an hour and a half plane ride away!  Miss them already, though!

Now, about that title...I do have one little quick project to share.  I had this done before I left, but I did not have time to take any pics...the ones I have now, aren't all that great cause I just snapped them with my Iphone, but you will get the idea.

I spotted this little hot mess at the GW and thought it had potential.  Kelli did not have a garbage can for her kitchen, so I thought I might be able to work a little magic and make this thing presentable:

I know, nasty, right?!  But for $6, I thought I could make it work, somehow!

See that little spot below...it decided to be a thorn in my side...you'll soon see why!

First, I took it outside and gave it a good washing with the hose and some regular ol' spray cleaner.  I had already decided that some of it was going to be stained and some painted so I gave it a pretty good sanding with the palm sander...I had to get that writing off the front.  I also removed the round ball knob on the lid...I had another idea in mind.

Long story short, this is how it looks now!

After the sanding, I gave some of the pieces a quick coat of Minwax Special Walnut stain...including just the front, so that I could do a little "reverse" lettering.  I cut the letters out with my Silhouette and put them on the front before painting with Annie Sloan Graphite, which is the same color that I used on Kelli's stools.  After painting, I just removed the vinyl letters and VOILA! 

I picked up this cute little vintage faucet knob at Hob Lob for about $3...cute, huh?  They have them in a few different colors..so fun!  Pardon the pic...closeup Iphone pics aren't that great!

And remember that little spot that I said was going to be a problem?  Yep, there it is in all it's glory!

It seems more noticeable here, than it actually is...ya gotta pick your battles, so this is one that I chose to ignore! 

Another peek...

Whatcha' think?

I am working on some fun little cookies so be sure to stop back by in the next day or so...it just might be worth your while!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Terri--love the pics of all your "friends" the four and two legged variety! Looks like such a good time.

ugh! I know about these kind of things... you think they might go away, only to STARE you in the face and laugh at you! Embrace it I say, because if not, you'll drive yourself crazy.
Love the little trash bin and the reverse stencil showing the woodgrain! perfect!

Karolyn at Paper Therapy said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahhhh . . . it looks like you guys had some fun times while in Denver. And September will be here before you know it - then you can spend time with them again. And this garbage can - CA-RAZY cute!! I bet it looks absolutely adorable in Kelli's kitchen!! Miss you tons and tons!! Counting the days until we can once again feed our pieholes! LOL XOXO

SimplySweetsbyHoneybee{Melissa} said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I've been to the Denver zoo once a very long time ago. It was a really nice zoo back then & I'm sure it's even better now.

I always love seeing how you transform things. It inspires me to want to find something to redo but I'm not handy at all. Sanders, stain, paint, tools....nope can't do it.


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