I will give you three guesses...

...as to why I LOVE making 4th of July cookies?  I can't speak for most, but this "cookier" hates strongly dislikes, mixing different colors of icing!  The fewer the better...less headache and most importantly, less mess!  Of course, to create most cookies, it's just not possible to work with three and only three, colors. 

Can you say "Red, White and Blue"...yep, with just those colors you can make some super cute and dare I say, easy cookies!

It's pretty much a no-brainer...just grab one of those three colors and go for it!  Look...there are those crazy confetti cookie cutters, AGAIN...I just can't seem to get enough of those!

Anyhoo, this is it...the last of the 4th of July cookies for another year!  No big festivities at this house, so Kelli will be taking them to share with her co-workers! 

Till next time...



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