Is it Easter yet?

To say that I jumped the gun on Easter would be putting it mildly!  It is still almost 2 months away but since we all know how fast time goes by, I decided to be on top of things!  Of course St. Patrick's Day is next month, I am sure I will be making some of those to share as well, but for now if you are wanting to order St. Patrick's Day cookies please keep in mind that I am only a mouse click away!  You will find some cute ideas from the past in my sidebar under "Labels"!

For now, it's all about the bunny!

The bottom bunny cookies was created using another cute image by Kristin, AKA "Cookies with Character".  She had actually made this before Valentine's Day and had it on a heart, but since I never got time to do that, I decided it would be perfect for Easter!

Whatcha' think?!  I love the color palette that is used for Easter...makes me happy, happy, happy!

Till next time!




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