Little bites of Heaven!

As promised, I am back today with a super easy, yet yummy, snack. Kelli actually found this recipe in the airline "Spirit" magazine. I have to admit when I first read it, I was a little skeptical...but curiosity (and boredom) won out the other day and I decided to make a batch. Be forewarned...go ahead and double that batch so you don't have to dirty everything twice like I did!

Revisions that I made to the recipe...I used salted cashews because I already had them, and I did not feel like tracking down raw ones. I was also not able to locate the Smoked Salt the recipe called for, so I used Liquid Smoke in it's place...I highly recommend this, as it adds a little extra "smoke" flavor (I didn't use it in my first batch, and it fell a touch short). And forget about that extra tablespoon of butter...it is NOT needed. I opted to add a "smidge" more of the bacon grease instead!

So this is what those little bites of Heaven look like:

And for an even better look:

If you love the whole "sweet and salty" thing and because we all know, everything is better with bacon, I highly recommend trying this recipe!  You can find it here

You can thank me later!

There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's screaming to get out...I can usually shut her up with cookies!


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