I don't know how some of my fellow "cookiers" do it!  I see people posting trays of decorated cookies that they have done for multiple orders and I am in awe!  There must be something wrong with me...I could never do the amount of cookies that they do and STILL remain somewhat sane!

I have taken on more orders this year than in years past...and let me say, that to most people it would probably be an amount that they could do in their sleep!  Me...NOT.SO.MUCH!  So...it will either be one of many years like this...or the last one.  Ask me about that the day AFTER Christmas!

I showed you the three Christmas trays that I did last week...along with those came an order for 2 dozen Thomas the Train. 

I think I have discussed in the past about the fact that I don't do a lot of character cookies.  These did not seem too difficult so, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone and do the order!  I would say, not bad for my first try:

I didn't have a TTT cookie cutter so I used a cake cutter and with a few minor adjustments and a small round cutter for his head.  I have to say...my favorite just might be the #3 with the train tracks.

I just finished working on two dozen wedding cookies for one of Kelli's co-workers (that girl seems to get me a lot of orders lately) last night and I am up early this morning to make my favorite grandson (aka, my ONLY grandson) Thomas, some cookies for his 8th birthday.  They are going bowling...any guess what the cookies may be, wink, wink?!

Gotta ROLL (pardon the pun) so...till next time!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

soooo cute! Your house must smell fabulous all the time. :) my favorite smell? lumber and sawdust. hahahaah

it's almost Friday!!!!!!


Mdegraeve said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

those look great!


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