Just checking in!

You probably thought that I had abandoned ship, but the last week has been quite hectic!

A week ago today we left the balmy Arizona temps to face an arctic blast...also known as Denver, Colorado!  We surprised my grandson, Thomas for his 8th birthday!  The day we landed it was -11...by far, the coldest temps I have ever experienced!  It was colder there than the North Pole...NUTS!  Glad to report that I am back home and running around in my flip flops!

Lots of cookies to share!

Wedding cookies for one of Kelli's co-workers:

Thanks Bernetta...I hope your niece enjoyed her cookies!

A special order for some Cardinals fans...I could not resist giving them a little touch of Christmas!

Some cookies for Thomas' birthday:

I am now busy preparing for our annual Christmas Cookie Decorating party that will be held this Saturday!  Lots of cookies to bake and icing to make!

Till next time...when I share this year's Christmas decorations.  Remember those cute little elves feet that I made?  LOVE how they look on my tree!  I can't wait for you to see!




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