Even MORE craziness!

Yep, it's true...I have definitely dropped the ball when it comes to blogging, lately!  It's the time of the year, what more can I say?!

I have taken on more orders this year, than in the past.  It's pretty much a routine...measure, mix, roll, cut, chill (literally) bake, cool, decorate...REPEAT!  My kitchen has been a disaster for two weeks, and I have long since given up on trying to change that, for now!

On top of the usual cookie chaos...we also had our 4th annual cookie decorating party!  The only proof that I have that it even took place...is the fact that these two little elves (and one cute little baby) showed up to help me make it happen!

Yep, if you attend my cookie party, you better be in some kind of Christmas garb, or you just don't fit in!  This is they only picture I took, and it was before the party even started!

Take my word for it...I THINK all had a good time!

To prove I haven't been just sitting around doing nothing, here are a few of the cookies that have come and gone from my house:

A Grinch gift box that was done for Corie...one of my best clients!  Thanks, Corie!

Three dozen mixed cookies ordered by Bernetta, one of Kelli's co-workers...fast becoming one of my best clients!  Thanks, Bernetta!

Also, many thanks to the uber talented, Callye, aka, SweetSugarBelle, for her inspiration...she has some amazing ideas and I couldn't wait to borrow a few (the little elf in this pic)!

Another dozen "mix" for Crystal who is attaching them to some Christmas gifts.  Thanks, Crystal!  More creative genius from SugarBelle...the Mrs. Claus, holly and the reindeer, which she featured on her blog, but were originally done by Krista of  Cookies with Character .

And last, but not least, two mug bouquets ordered by Brittany for teacher gifts...thanks, Brittany!

I know most cookiers could do these orders in their sleep...but I typically like to keep it a little less stressful...this year, not so much!

Gotta go now...I am working on a "hostess" basket, that I will actually be giving out myself, some cookies for my manicurist and some super cute little cookies that will be left out for Santa!

Be sure to stop back by!

Till then...happy baking!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

love them all! can't choose a favorite, but the boots and the reindeer are right up there.
cute crew you have there to help Terri! ;)


Melissa Moore said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You need an apprentice...You're too busy!!


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