It's a WRAP!

At least for this year!  I finished the last of my cookies yesterday.  Well, except for the lonely, extra cookies that are still in my freezer.  They may or may not get baked...but they will surely be served "naked" because I am determined to make my kitchen counters free of icing containers!  It has been weeks since that occurred!

Now it's time to share the last of the Christmas cookies for 2013:

These were a light bulb moment for me...they actually came out exactly as I had them pictured in my head. 

Just in case Santa still wasn't 100% sure what to leave you for Christmas, you can leave him one last hint:

Complete with edible markers, my babies will be able to tell Santa exactly what was on their list!  Happy to say, they made it to Colorado without breakage!

A little gift box for my manicurist, Kelly!

A hostess gift that was inspired by this cute little basket:

Thank you to SweetSugarBelle, Simply Sweets by Honeybee, Make Me Cake Me, and The Baking Sheet for all the inspiration!

These are probably my favorite "Santa Claus" cookies for the year...not that I probably have to tell you that:

I knew that when I saw this little guy on "The Baking Sheet" blog, I had to give him a go!  I couldn't resist adding a little holly!  These are be donating these to a local children's home.

And last but certainly not least...Christmas Disney cookies!  I don't want to toot my own horn, but these were so fun to do and probably rank on my, "Top Five" list,  of favorites that I have done to date.

Angela and her husband are surprising their four children with a trip to Disneyland for Christmas...what better way to do that than with cookies?!

One more peek:

And THAT, my friends, is it for this year!!

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I am a little sad about that!  There were a few NEW cutters that I never even found the time to use...breaks my heart, but I guess there is always next year!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That basket is perfect to hold some of your adorable cookies! :)

Merry Christmas Terri to you and your family!

Lisa TheBearFootBaker said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You were a cookie making machine this season! They all look gorgeous!


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