I'm baaaaack...

...and how about that, it was less than a week, even!

Short and sweet cuz' I got cookies to do!  These are a few I have done recently!

Cute little ladybugs that were done a little differently, thanks to SSB's tutorial!

And all packaged up in these cute BRP basket boxes...love them!  Such a cute presentation, I think, anyway!

Four dozen of these spa cookies...kind of fun, huh?

One dozen chubby #2 pencils!

And because I had some cookie order down time...I made these little Emoji's!  I'm addicted to these little guys...the Emoji's not the cookies...although they are pretty stinkin' cute as a cookie, don't ya think?!  I did an Instagram giveaway for these!

That's it for cookies...but now I am going to make your life a little sweeter by introducing you to this little dish:

Photo via Pinterest

A couple of weeks ago I made this dessert from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  

When I read the words "best blueberry cobbler ever and only four ingredients", I was MORE than intrigued!  If I am being honest, I can't even really tell you how good it was myself...I'm dieting and I did not even taste it!  I made this for Kelli's girl's night...but from what I'm told, it was da bomb!  And so stinkin' easy!  Here is the direct link Brown Butter Blueberry Cobbler.  

To be honest, I had never heard of actually browning butter for a recipe, but after doing it, I do feel that it was important element to the recipe.  You could really smell the yummy buttery goodness...and that was before it was even baked!  Seriously...the easiest recipe on the planet...you're welcome!

Psssst...don't forget the ice cream!

Till next time!




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