I was a little surprised...

...at how far I had to go back to find my last cookies that I posted.  Bad blogger!

Anyhoo...here are just a few that I have done since I actually last shared cookies!

Some simple sailboats!

The "ABC" in this set was inspired by Pam of Cookie Crazie...cute idea, right?!  I did quite a few teacher gift boxes with this design!

For those of you that don't know...this is "Sparky", the ASU mascot.  When I purchased this cutter, I bought it for it's original purpose...a shark's head ( picture this cookie upside down and then you will see it!).  When Kelli saw the cutter, she thought it was for Sparky, so what's a cookier to do...make it happen!  Kudos the her for coming up with the idea...it will be a huge hit in these parts!

Speaking of Kelli...one of the girls in her "Bacholor Night" group, is having a baby.  They decided finale night should have a little baby shower theme.  Done!

And last but not least...who can forget Strawberry Shortcake?!  She was around when my kids were little...it's nice to see some things never go out of style!

That's it for today...but I've got lots more to share so come back!



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