Happy Friday, Peeps!

Kelli and I are headed to an estate sale this morning so I am going to make this short and "sweet"!

Don't forget the great deal you can get on Melissa's adorable hair bows, it is offered to my readers and you can see all the details here.  She has a HUGE assortment right now...offer good through July 4th!

I have sort of solved the issue of my "Follower's" list...it seems that some yay-hoo's want me update my browser...well, poop!  Don't they know, I hate change...I like my crummy, outdated Internet Explorer.  I know just where everything is Nope, not gonna do it!  I did go ahead and download Firefox, for emergency reasons only but I am not a huge fan.  I don't care at all for their toolbar...I want my "Favorites" up and center, thank you very much!

I was totally disappointed that not one person came up with any ideas for my cute little drawer thingy (these aren't really dressers or tables, so I am not really sure what to call them).  Does that mean you didn't like them?  Well, there could have been cookies involved for anyone that gave me such a great idea that I couldn't resist using it.  Oh sure, now I bet you wish you would have helped me out!  I guess I will have to work my own magic!

And last but not least...some cookies that I made for my niece that just had a baby.

Welcome, Harper!

That's it for me folks!  Have a great weekend!

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There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's screaming to get out...I can usually shut her up with cookies!


Corie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Can't wait for one of my friends to have a baby so I can order some of these from you!!! You do an awesome job!! I am addicted to your gift box cookies and will more than likely use you for any occasion now!:) Can't wait to pick up my Fathers Day cookies at your house tomorrow!!

Mrs D said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I DID very much like your "drawer-thingies," but the only idea that came to mind for them was to use them as sewing boxes, and I thought that was kind of boring. It looks like a goodly amount of thread spools, scissors, tape measure, needles, etc. could fit in those lovely little drawers. I'll be quite interested to see how you eventually re-purpose them!

CarrieF said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ok, here are a couple of my ideas...
My first idea was to do some decoupage sort of treatment to the top inlay...
So, if you were to use it in a little corner reading nook for a side table, you could decoupage it w/ book pages.
Another fun thing (but a lot of work) would be to turn it into a bathroom sink cabinet (if it's tall enough).
Hope that helps...

Just us three said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

the cookies are sooo cute!! i just luv the owl..


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