Answering a few Questions...

Nothing creative to share today (although I am working on a bunch of different projects, so stay tuned) but I have had a couple of people leave questions in the comment box.  Thankfully I saw them so that I could respond...in the future if you have a specific question, you might want to use the "Contact Me" and I would probably answer more quickly.

Anyhoo, Sonja asked me how I find my local Estate Sales.  I originally just did a "Google" search for "Estate Sales Phoenix" and found this great site that lists new estate sales, weekly.  If you live in, or near a large city, chances are you can find the same site locally.  Most sales post pictures of some, or all of the items that will be for sale...it's awesome!

And from yesterday's post, Cathy N asked for a tutorial for my Deco Mesh Wreath.  Sorry Cathy, I didn't make one BUT I got the original idea from Pinterest, so if you go there and do a search, a bazillion ideas will come up.  Once again, if you Google "Deco Mesh Wreath" you will get multiple tutorials on how to do it...some of them are video's found on YouTube.

Hope this helps you both...if not, just "Contact Me"!

Have a great weekend everyone!

There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's screaming to get out...I can usually shut her up with cookies!



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