Please...be our guest.

As promised I am back today with a partial guest room reveal.  I say "partial" because for one, I need new flooring (not positive what that is going to be yet) and two, I am still working on a couple of pieces for that room.

My goal, and I seem to be on track thus far, is to use only refinished pieces in this room (not counting chachki's).  It did not start out that way, there was actually no plan at all when I started, but about halfway through, I decided that is what I was going to do.

Just to refresh your memory, here is the dresser again:

 And here she is with all dressed up:

Of course the cute kid's pictures hanging above, make it all the better, right?  I should have taken a better picture of the frames...I purchased them from a place call Rod Works, and if you have one in your area, you MUST go there.  They have awesome decor stuff!  These frames are made from beadboard...they didn't come in white, so I had to paint them....LOVE!  The wire basket (note to self: must fill with magazines when you have guests) and the bird cage is from Kirkland's...another fun shop!

Now I am going to refresh your memory with this little beauty:

My "three cheers" table, as I called it.  Well, one day Melissa was shopping without me at the Goodwill (gasp) and guess what she found?  Yeah I know, hard to believe right?  This bad boy had an evil twin sister.  Of course, she thought I should buy it (let's not forget, for whatever reason, Melissa LOVED this table).  At first, I wasn't sure, but the more I thought about it, I decided it was just the right height to go on each side of the bed in my new guest room...so off to Goodwill I went.

The first one looks like a different color, but I assure you it is not...trust me, I had to repaint it because originally I had done it a cream color.  Yes, they are funky, but I couldn't be happier.

Speaking of the tables...what do you think of the lamps?  This is what they looked like when I first brought them home:

I don't know if they are actually supposed to resemble pineapples, but that's what they look like to me!  Anyhoo, some Valspar Nautical paint, some pretty new shades and VOILA!  I painted these quite a while ago...I would really like to tone them down a bit, but have never been quite sure how to achieve that look.  Thoughts?

A TV Stand that was brought from another room, bought fit this decor much better:

Okay...moving on!  You might remember these that I posted a few months ago:

I purchased ALL three double shutters for $6 from Restore...that's TOTAL, people!  It was a steel.  I see these on CL all the time and they want about $40!  Score, baby!  So, with nothing more than a few "pocket holes", made using my Kreg Jr., a few screws, one piece of trim and fresh paint, I created this headboard:

And for a better view:

It was by far one of the easiest projects I have ever done, yet one of the most gratifying...I love how it turned out!

I also made the sign above it.  I had seen this quote done in vinyl, but wanted to kick it up a notch so I purchased and inexpensive piece of wood and distressed it a bit using various tools.  I then stained it.  Cut out the quote using my Silhouette and then using the "negative" vinyl, placed it on the board.  Using leftover paint I painted first, removed the vinyl and then sanded some of the paint off!  Done!  BTW, I did not realize that it was slightly crooked when I took this pic...that has since been rectified!

So, that's it so far.  Whatch'a think?  I do have a couple more pieces that I am working on to complete this room, so stay tuned because one of those projects is by far the craziest thing I have tried to date.  It has the potential to be a huge "FAIL"!

So far I am right on track...everything in this room (as far as furniture goes) has been "upcycled"!

Would love to hear your thoughts so far!

Have a great weekend!

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