...is my bff!  How pathetic is that?!  I could spend hours sifting through other people's junk treasures and although there are a lot of times when I find nothing, there are those days that I find a diamond in the rough!  Yesterday was that day!

Let me just tell you that is never fails...on the days that I should not be looking for things, is ALWAYS the days that I find the best deals.  Let me also say, that I am pretty sure that if I asked my hubby to put one more said "treasure" in my garage, he would divorce me.  The eight piece dining room set almost put him over the top as it is!

My dirty little secret?  I have my CL "search" bookmarked on my computer.  There I have said it!  Slightly twisted?  Yes, I totally agree, but it takes me right to where I want to go and saves me unnecessary searching (unless of course, I am looking for a particular item).

So back to yesterday, when I had no business looking, I came across this:

Sorry, seller photo!  Anyhoo, I am always looking for hutches to refinish...they just make me happy!  So it looked like it was in good condition AND it was solid wood...you know that makes me positively giddy!  Anyhoo, guess the price...no really, give it a try!  Well, if you guessed $25 people, you would be spot on!  Seriously, WHO passes up a hutch made of wood for $25...not I said the fly!

I had to think it through...remember that whole hubby thing?  He would just not "get" the fact that it was ONLY $25...he just sees it as another piece of furniture in my, already bulging, three car garage!  I contacted the person to see if it was in two pieces...if so, it looked like it just might fit in Melissa's SUV...so what, if we had to make two trips!  Stars were aligned...it was two pieces and the girl said she thought it would fit.  So with kids in tow...off we went.

I wish you could have seen Melissa and I carrying that thing...it was not extremely large, but it was quite heavy!  The funniest part...when we went back for the second piece, there was a guy there...a guy that was perfectly capable of helping us carry that thing to the car (thankfully, it was a downstairs apartment and we could park right in front) but do you think he offered?  No!!  In fact, I am pretty sure he was trying to be completely "invisible"!   We practically peed our pants laughing over that one when we got in the car!

So, I am sure you are dying to know what my hubby said when I brought it home, right?  Well, I didn't bring it home...I used plan "B".  Kelli has a great little storage room at her new house, so I asked her if I could "borrow" a little of that space.  I think it is only fair since some of what is in my garage now, belongs to her.  I will tell him about my hutch....someday!

BTW...Melissa has now banned me from looking at Craigslist...well, at least until I get rid of some of what I already have!

Have a great weekend!    

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