What girl doesn't dream...

...of getting a special gift wrapped inside a Tiffany Box?

Well, this little girl probably doesn't even know what a Tiffany Box is quite yet, but just give her a few years.  What a fun theme for a one year old's birthday, don't ya think?!

Lola turned one and what a party it turned out to be!  I have only seen a few Instagram pictures, but it looked A-MA-ZING!  I guess it helps that your Mommy is a party planner!  Sassy Soirees is the name of her business, check it out if you do Facebook or Instagram!

Shannon wanted Tiffany boxes, Gold Diamond Rings and some monogram cookies...this is what I came up with:

The monogram cookies were inspired by SSB.  I made  RI transfers and just applied them to the wet icing.  The flowers were also premade and dropped on as well.

And because every little one year old girl deserves her own special cookie:

Thanks Shannon...for letting me play a small roll in Lola's BIG day!

Till next time...Happy Baking!



SimplySweetsbyHoneybee{Melissa} said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So pretty. What a fun set! That blue is my favorite color. I used to be a purple gal and still love purple but blue has become my new favorite.


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