This n' That!

This post has a little of everything.  Only one cookie order last week!  An unsuspecting family will be receiving these in the next day or two:

I actually forgot to post these from last week.  I found asparagus at an awesome price so I decided it was the perfect time to pickle some:

The recipe I use is from a family friend...it was originally a pickle recipe (which we also do) but my fave is the asparagus.  Random fact...this is the ONLY way that I eat asparagus...not a huge fan of it any other way! 

And, last but not least...some fun (and not so fun goodies that I received in the mail last week!  Not so fun, but a necessity, was this box:

Ya gotta have meringue powder to make icing, so when I buy, I stock up!  This should last me a while!  Whenever I purchase from the Fondant Source, I treat myself to some PME tips...they have the best price I have found (the meringue powder is a good price as well!)

Saturday's mail was much more fun!  This was my first time ordering from Truly Mad Plastics, and although there was a slight error in my order (even I don't need two of the same Minnie heads) I couldn't have been more excited!  (They quickly responded to my email and are sending me the correct cutter!)

Don't those bright pink cutters just make you happy, happy happy?!  Can you guess them all?

That's it for me!  Till next time!



Gail Wilson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

sweet cookies, lucky kiddos going to Disney! :)

fun way to announce it too.



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