Cookies and such!

Since I last shared cookies, this is what has been in the makes!

I offered these 4th of July cookies as a special on Instagram:

As shown and all ready to go for any picnic or barbeque!


What better way to start a Disney vacation than with Disney cookies?!

Just for fun...and because I could not wait to use a few new cookie cutters that I purchased:

Instead of "Desserts in a Jar" for this week's girls night (Kelli's get-together, not mine) I decided to do something a little different.

Burger baskets...cookie and cupcake style:

These were so much fun to make!  Tucked inside that cute little hamburger bun (yellow cupcake) is a brownie for the "burger"!  I colored store bought icing for the "ketchup and mustard"...as well as the "lettuce" which was actually coconut!  The ketchup for the fries is just my usual cookie icing!  Overall...a simple creation that packs a lotta punch...don'tcha think?!

Now, I am off to work on 4th of July cookies before meeting a new cookie friend, Nancy, for lunch!

Till next time!



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Hi, this is new cookie friend Nancy! Terri, I love all of these cookies, it is really hard to say my favorite! Maybe it's those beautiful girls with the towel-wrapped hair. Their faces are gorgeous!!! But the burgers and fries are so very cute, and the 4th of July, so festive and fun! You are truly so creative, and talented in your execution of the details. Thanks for sharing!


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