LOTS to share today!

First and foremost I must share the news that I am going to be a "Nana" again!  Yep, Melissa and Tom are expecting another baby in February...we have known for a while, but it seems I have a one track mind when blogging (think cookies and other projects) because I kept forgetting to post it here.  Needless to say, we are super excited and can't wait.  Taylor has already chosen a name..."Little Ick"...apparently she heard this on some cartoon she watches.  We think it will work well for either a boy or a girl!

Okay., next up... this easy peasy ABC (Anything But Cookies) project.  This one was super simple!  We've all seen them at thrift stores, garage sales and everywhere in-between...the ever popular Lazy Susan!  Do you ever wonder who came up with that name?  I'm guessing it had to be Susan's Mom or Dad, but really?  Why not Lazy Terri or better yet...Lazy Melissa or Lazy Kelli...just sayin'!  Anyhoo, I picked one up a couple of weeks ago at an Estate sale for $2, and yes it looks like every other one you have ever seen:

But I had plans to turn this into something very fun-ctional!  First thing I did was take it apart and paint the entire thing White Gloss...I know, not so exciting, but just you wait.  I purchased 2 packages of plastic cups from IKEA (sorry, forgot to take a picture of those before opening) for $1.99 each.  Drilled holes in the bottom, and screwed them on top.  I used a Target Dollar Spot bucket for the middle.  What do you get?  Volia:

Fill it with a bunch of art supplies and you get this:

Whatch'a think?  Perfect for my Grand kids when they come to Nana's house!  It will soon go right in the middle of their newly repainted, table (pics coming soon).  So, for around $10, we have a cute little art caddy...needless to say, it cost me more to fill it than to make, but that was the funnest part!

Yesterday was Taylor's first day of preschool so Melissa was looking forward to 3 hours of "junkin", kid free!  Sadly we learned that some of our favorite hangouts, don't open until 10:00 AM...we started out at about 8:45.  It started out slow, but the day was not a complete loss, we did find these treasures:

I found this at the Goodwill, and I am not going to lie...it was really more than I wanted to spend (crap, should have gone on Tuesday...it's senior day!).  Anyhoo, it was $13, but it is quite large and I already have visions of it redone in my head!  Don't worry about that little country looking  ♥ on the top...it is going away!  I also picked up a brand new Scrabble game...I have "crafty plans" for that as well!

Next we went to Savers and it WAS Senior day there!  Apparently buying this table was meant to be because I passed on it  a week ago and it was still there yesterday.  I thought it was a little small but Melissa talked me into buying it.  Cost: $6 and the best part, it is actual wood, which always makes me giddy...we do live in a world of laminate these days, ya know!

I saved the best for last...I think Melissa may have spotted this first, but somehow I ended up buying it, therefore it ended up also being MY project.  I don't really think that Taylor could fit another piece of furniture in her room, but we thought it would be super cute to take little kid's pictures in...which is Melissa's department, not mine!

Now, are you ready for the best part?  It was marked $4.99, but let's not forget it was Senior Day...final cost, $3.75...even the girl checking me out couldn't believe it!  It has a couple of loose spots, but nothing that a little Gorilla Glue won't fix.  This little jewel is already taken apart and gotten it's first coat of paint!  You won't even recognize it in a day or two!

So overall, I think you have to agree it was a great day of "junkin"!

Till next time...Happy Baking (or "Making" )!
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Kelly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

fun post! Lots of projects to work on. Love your art caddy!!

gail said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

wow! you got some great deals. Love the little table and the kids rocking chair! too sweet!
you did a great job on that art center. Love the bright colors.
congrats on another baby in the family!

Baye said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I actually went somewhere where I was not "senior enough" yesterday and was disappointed. Who knew that would ever happen? Love that art center!

FlyAwayHome said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Yay! Congrats on the new upcoming grandbaby! Aren't they just WAY more fun than your own kids were? How excited you must be. You have just been a little busy girl lately haven't you? What a cute idea you came up with for the "lazy Terri".
And the whole "senior day" thing... even though I am there... I would rather pay full price than admit it to anyone! Can I shop with you next time and I can just tell the cashier I want to use YOUR senior discount?


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